Mattress, 10" Natural Talalay Latex, Twin Extra-Long Size

$ 2,499.00

The "Serenity" by Savvy Rest, size twin XL

Made of organic cotton and organic wool casing with natural talalay latex.  Please note that the Serenity is also available in organic Dunlop (Mattress, 10" Organic Dunlop Latex...)

This is a ten-inch-high mattress. It has three individual 3" thick layers of organic Dunlop latex.  This mattress can be customized with personalized combinations of soft, medium or firm density latex for each of the three layers.   This mattress's firmness can also be adjusted at home by changing the order in which layers are stacked.  It has a high-quality brass zipper that provides access to the layers.  Organic mattresses won’t undermine your health with dangerous flame retardants, pesticide residues, and other toxic chemicals. 

To order, use the "Layer Combination" drop down box to select firmness.  Keep in mind that the given layers can be arranged in any order.  So if the drop-down box indicates "soft, medium, firm", you could also arrange the layers "medium, soft, firm", or "medium, firm, soft" or "firm, medium, soft" or "firm, soft, medium" or "soft, firm, medium."

Questions about ordering?  Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you!

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