Comforter, Eco-Wool, Dual Weight

$ 465.00

These comforters keep both sleeping partners comfortable when each partner has a different warmth requirement.

Dual-weight wool comforters by Holy Lamb Organics mean the right coverage for each person. Every night.

Dual-weight offers 3 combinations for you to choose from - so everyone’s happy & able to get a good night’s sleep.

Pick the temperature weight that works for you and a different weight for your sleeping partner.

Choose from 3 Combinations:

> ½ Extra Warmth and ½ Cool Comfort
> ½ Perfect Comfort and ½ Cool Comfort
> ½ Perfect Comfort and ½ Extra Warmth

These wool comforters are soft, known to be lightweight and very cozy. Hand made using organic cotton Sateen fabric. The inside is filled with Premium Eco-Wool™.   Hand stitching around the entire perimeter and tufting the middle keeps the wool in place and enables washing*.

*Machine wash - gentle, with special instructions

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